DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit mother has been reunited with her daughter, who was removed from her home by force in March after a 12-hour armed standoff with police.

WWJ Pat Sweeting reports that 58-year-old Marianne Godboldo was smiling and understandably elated when her 13-year old daughter Arianna was released from the Hawthorn Center in Northville, where she had been placed by Child Protective Services.

“I’m very excited. I could hardly contain myself. This is something that I’d been waiting for for over a month now,” Godboldo told reporters.

Godboldo was charged with medical neglect for refusing to administer drug therapy for a mental health disorder.

Godboldo, who prefers use of alternative therapy, made this comment outside the center, Friday: “I know, legally, they had no reason to remove my daughter in the first place. And I have the question to America… Does the parent not have the right to not medicate their child if they choose not to?”

Godboldo has said the medication a doctor had prescribed for her daughter was doing more harm than good. 

Many in the community have come out in support of Godboldo on this issue.

On May 4th, Judge Lynne Pierce of Wayne County Juvenile Court ordered that the Godboldo/Hakim family and the Michigan Department of Human Services cooperate to take care of all outstanding matters before the court to secure the release of Arianna Godboldo Hakim, or face contempt charges.

Detroit activist Ron Scott described Arianna’s release as a “victory for all families.”

“Because all families are fighting for the same thing — the right to make a decision about what to do with their children,” he said.

The girl will stay with a family member.

Comments (12)
  1. joanne denison says:

    I am so very glad this mother gained her release. Most, if not all psychotropic drugs do more harm than good and many are addictive.
    As far as I am aware, no psychotropic drug is even recommended for a teen and the diagnosis of teens as bipolar, schizophrenic or having any mental illness is hotly disputed.

    Good for this mother and I’m glad she did this for her daughter.
    At least 7 of the 12 teen shooters were on psychotropic drugs or coming off of them.
    Our policy toward psychotropic drugs instead of therapy is a national shame.

  2. HooDatIS? says:

    I have to agree with the mother, I am mentally ill okay, and I get therapy and go to sessions, i do take medicine but if i dont need them to survive i want that option we can live independtly with out medication, it takes a while but you got to believe and she believes, and I understand why, i been locked down locked up and now im doing better so help her help her daughter, i dont think either party is wrong, they really didnt want to hurt her or her daughter
    Dont make this a bad situation take a look at the good things and move forward
    God bless yall

    1. Gerald Butler says:

      I work in the system and am pleasantly surprised to finally see someone take a stand. The entire system has deteriorated to the point that peoples lives are based on the amount of tax dollars can charged, which is why folks must attend daily sessions. In fact, todays treatment system is the exact same for the ill as it was for Black folks in 60’s Missisippi. President Obama has demanded change, but anyone who asks for such change becomes an enemy of the system.

      1. Happy for MaryAnne says:

        It’s one thing to “demand” change, it’s quite another to gut the system and FORCE change….which will never happen as long as Big pHARMa lines the pockets of every politician under the sun. Thank goodness for a judge who still has a trace of common sense. All charges against this mother should be dropped. She was defending herself from a home invasion – who cares if it was a common street criminal or state-sanctioned kidnappers… legally she has a right to defend her home.

  3. Kellie says:

    It was originally reported that the child was removed because the mother refused a vaccination…so what is true? Sounds like info has been fixed or covered up to me.

    1. a mom says:

      I think that was another case where the mother had three kiddos: this one has always been over a psychotropic medication.

    2. Ursula says:

      The girl was hurt by vaccinations, which caused all her problems. Then, instead of addressing the cause, she was given Risperdal, which made her worse. When the doctor realized that the girl wasn’t taking her meds any more, he called CPS.

      They never considered that the child WAS taking things to make her better, because apparently the natural approach to health problems isn’t considered valid in this day and age.

  4. Novironb says:

    Good riddance. For those bleeding hearts what would have happend if the mother shot and killed a cop. We forget actions cause consequences. I would send her the bill for the cost of 12 hours of Police, EMS and SWAT.

    1. a mom says:

      Exactly! That’s why they shouldn’t have been there in the first place–taking a mother’s rights away! Boy, you are right on the money: that mother should totally be getting money from the police, ems, AND swat for all the trouble they caused trying to illegally kidnap a child!

  5. JMR says:

    Acetaminophen is probably the culprit in combination with MMR there is more evidence that it is at fault than there is for aspirin and Reyes. Just Google acetaminophen autism and MMR.

  6. Drwu says:

    A person who uses a gun to hold off the police regardless the reason, should be suspect. What will the public think then if she kills her kid so the system ( doctors ) cannot harm the child anymore??? that’s the reasoning the mother will give. She’s just trying to protect her kid.

    1. Kronah Wood says:

      If she had not acted, then they would have taken her kid and she would be left with the choice of illegitimatly medicate her child or have her child taken. When someone’s rights are being violated to the degree of someones life or the life of their child is in great jeapordy the minimum force nessisary to protect them from a certain forseable hardship that severly impacts their life where a more peaceable and legal means is not being allowed is understandable and a legitament act of self defense.

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