Canton Township-based Duo-Gard Industries Inc. Monday unveiled a new line of solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, including standard and custom models.

The company said the new designs were sparked by rising interest in electric vehicles and solar power.

Duo-Gard’s solar-powered stations are scaled to the size of the project and the charging needs involved. A turnkey approach includes in-house design, engineering, fabrication and installation services, as well as technical support to specify, plus field support on photovoltaics, inverters and metering required to connect to the grid. These comprehensive services are all geared to making it easier for architects and designers.

Another advantage of Duo-Gard’s stations is that a structure’s canopy of solar panels is engineered with continuous components, completely sealed against rain and snow. This is unlike other solar canopies with open gaps between the panels.

“We use our standard canopy structural and weatherproofing details to create a weather-tight structure engineered for all climates,” said Michael Arvidson, executive vice president.

Architectural aesthetics aren’t sacrificed in these stations, he added: “Our in-house capabilities in steel fabrication allow us to offer designers the distinctive custom look and features communities want today. Our stations combine aesthetics, engineering and value with a sustainable strategy.”
Duo-Gard offers stamped drawings in all 50 states.

The stations can be engineered to provide free services or to function with machines for payments, including credit cards, creating a profit center that would help recoup the initial investment. These solar stations are net zero energy structures, producing power that can be both used and stored.

According to Arvidson, inquiries and discussions at Greenbuild last November encouraged the company to push development of the solar stations.

Duo-Gard Industries offers translucent daylighting systems and architectural illumination, as well as custom canopies, shelters and outdoor structures. For more than 27 years, Duo-Gard has advanced translucent technology with design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom architectural products that enhance sustainability.

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