Interview: Growing Your Small Business

TROY (WWJ) – What does it take to grow a small business from start-up to success?

Don Coleman, Chairman and CEO of Global Hue, a Southfield-based marketing and advertising firm,  sat down with WWJ Newsradio 950’s Pat Sweeting to share a few basic tips and to hint at his plans for Global Hue’s future growth.

Coleman’s presentation “Melting Pot to Mosaic: Tapping Multicultural Markets” reminds small business owners how to grow business by sticking to the four P’s: Preparation, Performance, Planning and Perseverance.

Listen to the interview:

Coleman was among the experts speaking to small business owners during this week’s seminar at the Michigan State University Education Center in Troy: “Catalyst-Igniting Small Business Growth”, co-hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber and Crain’s Detroit Business.

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    Unable to open file “File not found”. Can you re-post the link or send me a copy?

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      Sorry about your trouble Jon. I reset the link so it should work now. Let us know if you’re still having problems.

      • John

        That’s one way to make up for V-Marts ACL tear. I sort of like it from the standpoint that Fielder and Cabrera being able to split DL/1st. But it’s so much money to tie up for so long. I mmeerber reading a story (accompanied by lots of stats) about how quickly Prince’s father declined after his 30th birthday. I guess we’ll see!

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  • Mahesh

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