Terry Goes The Extra Mile

Valenti asked Terry to go the extra mile. In order for the Wings to win Game 7 tonight, Terry HAD TO CHUG A RED BULL! Foster had said in the past that he would NEVER try an energy drink, now he has! Check out the pictures and video.

  • Ronnie Williams

    Do work guys! Welcome to the darkside Terry. It’s funny that you wouldn’t try an energy drink at all last week and now this week you your chugging a SUPERSIZE can of red bull. Power of the Red Wings. Spirit of Detroit.

  • Sue Baldock

    Nipples. Good grief. The energy wasn’t supposed to go THERE.

  • Jordan Hollis

    Those are some GREAT detroit boobs

  • tom

    turkeys ready!


    Nice nips terry!! Looks like you get turned on when you drink red bull thats suppost to give you wings it gives to nips! GO WINGS!!!

  • Jason

    Nice nipples Terry, you need a manzier or “The Bro!”

  • Ken

    I thought Terry was going with the Sugar version.. not the sugar free style?!?!

  • marc

    If youre gonna go, GO BIG!!

    You have some cahones to suck down a SUPERSIZE Redbull in losing your energy drink virginity!!

    well done T FOSS

  • nic d

    are u In cooler,what has u so excited terry?

  • Dave

    T-Foss–Way to take one for the team!! Great show as always and very insightful on the Tigers

  • Ken

    Holy Man Nipples Batman!!!! LOL

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