How did the Sharks celebrate?
10. Anti Niemi. Is now an uncle
9. Sharks players celebrated by trading hockey pants for tattoos
8. How will the sharks celebrate: Lots and Lots of San Jose Quervo Shots. Brett Pod
7. Celebration? Clowe is going to sport his new shirt saying “I got Kronwalled and survived (barely). TWP in Southgate
6. They’re each going to have a glass of marleau……ewww. Marty
5. Joe Thornton went to the bar and ordered the cheapest shot they had. Ryan
4. How did the sharks celebrate? Sharks fans threw Joe Thornton a playoff party but he never showed up…brad
3. How will Sharks celebrate? They play in the Silicon Valley so free flash drives for everyone!
2. The sharks celebrated by eating a homemade cake made by Anti Niemi’s Auntie Niemi – Curtis in Eastpointe
1. How will the sharks celebrate? They’ll go out to dinner now that they’re finally not constantly choking. Jake


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