Series Actor Reports “Detroit 187” Canceled

DETROIT (WWJ) – Various news sites, including Entertainment Weekly and, are reporting that ABC has officially canceled “Detroit 187.”

Series regular Erin Cummings tweeted Friday: “To clarify: yes, it’s official. Detroit 187 has been canceled. Thank you for the support.”

Just before Erin Cummings was to testify before a state Senate hearing on the Michigan film industry, she got a message from her fan site.

“Then I saw it was posted by my fan site, and they are very reliable. So, I learned right there, it was very hard not to cry,” says Cummings.

The series actor tells WWJ that it’s been rumored for months that the crime drama filmed in Detroit would be canceled.

Cummings says she can’t help but think that the cutbacks in the Michigan film incentives had a role in the canceling of the Detroit based crime drama.

Cummings says she will continue to come back to Detroit having fallen in love with the city and to work on the charity she begin while working on “Detroit 187”.

 “I had made a commitment to come back once a month because I’m the founder of ‘Mittens For Detroit’ a charity, (and) we just now became a 501c3 so we’ll be able to start taking financial donations and doing a lot more good for Detroit,” says Cummings.

  • Linsey Vance

    Sorry that’s Detroit—-

    • Janet

      I am extremely disappointed in the cancellation. I would love to move it to Newark,NJ. I know Christie would love it. See what can be done.

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  • dreamiliscious

    oh, that is too bad. Detroit 187 was a good solid show. I liked all the actors/characters, the music and especially the glimpses of places in a city I used to know.
    Happy to hear you are still committed to the cause you became involved in.

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  • dlbjobe

    What a shame!! I really liked the show, the plot lines, the characters, the music, and the actors. It was the best show of the season. Shame on you NBC!

  • Josephine

    Detroit 187 is the best cop show on TV. Great cast and their characters work well together.
    Shame on ABC – there isn’t much to watch on ABC the way it is.

  • denise

    So typical of TV today – cancel all of the good shows and keep bringing on more and more mindless dribble in the form of reality TV like “The Jersey Shore.” Congrats television producers everywhere for keeping up that high standard we’ve all grown to know, but not love.


    lowered the bar yet again…how predictable for the big wigs, proof of the validity of the peter principle….

  • mike in Bama

    Networks would rather have shows featuring tranvestites like Chazz Bono. 187 was an excellent show with a great cast.

  • Drea in Indy

    Since “The Closer” is in it’s last season, maybe TNT can pick it up…???

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