DETROIT (WWJ) – As we get closer to summer, the question of how to revamp Belle Isle is once again being debated.

City officials are looking into adding user fees and other revenue generators at the historic park. Detroit Councilman James Tate says a $2 or $3 vehicle entrance fee — and a privately-operated summer-long carnival — could provide solutions.

Tate says the funds raised would pay for maintenance, security and cleaning of the park — freeing up money from the general fund. Critics feel one of Detroit’s best-known recreation spots should stay free.

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  1. KLYETT says:

    The $2 charge per vehicle sounds good. Just believe that use of the funds should be MORE than transparent and there should be a time when the park returns to being free (i.e. after Detroit solves it’s financial woes) Two bucks isn’t much to ask for a park visit.

  2. SPJ says:

    I might go if they DO charge some money, which hopefully would keep it more friendly for families and provide more security.

  3. Kate says:

    I live near the park, and I am not thrilled with it. I might consider it if they offer an annual pass option. Many of us neighbors to the park use it daily – it’s a major reason I live where I live. I pay a crazy amount of property and income tax in Detroit as it is. I understand the city has a revenue problem, but they are also still supporting a very bloated bureaucracy. Let’s consider eliminating one of the 60+ city departments first.

  4. LMoom says:

    A fee for Belle Isle will not generate enough revenue for it to be worthwhile. Instead a fee will prevent many from visiting such as seniors or young people. I visit Belle Isle for many reasons throughout the year. In spring I patronize the Golightly Vocational school’s sale of plants and flowers in the greenhouses which would not happen with any regularity if a daily fee was charged. Belle Isle Botanical Society Plant Sale is also a favorite event on the island.

  5. vee says:

    No I would not pay because families should have some place to take their children for free. It is enough we have to pay for national parks, and metro parks.

  6. Life time Detroiter says:

    All of the other Parks in Michigan have an entrace fee. Trust me as a young adult I can tell you that 50% of the youth have sneakers that cost over a $100.00 a pair and motorcycles that cost $20K and up. I think the funds need to be closley watched with a plan to keep up the park and add events, concerts etc. Also, money could go towards patroling with a Detroit post if it doesn’t already have one. Also, an annual pass would be good as well. I would suggest doing a market sudy and charging accordingly. It’s a beautiful gem and needs funding.

  7. Native Detroiter says:

    no I have lived in Detroit and visited Belle Isle for years. It is a treasure that everyone should experience as freely as the sunrise, or a breath of fresh air. New York City does not charge people to walk through Central Park. Many people are able to enjoy that park at no cost. Its a part of the city that is to be maintained from city tax dollars. We don’t pay extra to drive on the city streets or walk on city sidewalks. We should not pay extra to visit Belle Isle either

  8. carol says:

    I would not pay now..that place is too dirty,,,no one seems to care any more..I rode my bike there when I was a young I would have to have a gun and a police dog,,for has gone to HELL ! and that is SAD !!!

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