1. It won’t get talked about too much but it’s a great local story. Congrats to Grant Hill for agreeing to donate this past weekend to help support the new charter school in Detroit with Jalen Rose’s name on it. Two guys using their fame and money the right way. Good job.

2. I keep getting asked, “How big of a deal is it that UM football is doing well this year in-state recruiting?” Of course the real big deal is what everybody will be able to see on the field from UM this year.
MSU has been on a roll beating UM on field and in-state for local guys. The recruiting guru’s are saying the in-state talent is up this year so beating MSU head-to-head on some of these elite in-state players is good news. None of these recruits will effect this year’s game but if UM loses four in a row a must win next year will be in order. Maybe one or two of these guys can affect the UM/MSU game in Ann Arbor in 2012.

3. Jose Bautista numbers have jumped in the post steroid era that raises eyebrows. Hopefully it really is a swing adjustment with Toronto and nothing else. That would be a good story for baseball.

4. Top thing I would ask for any baseball team that wanted to have a good season? A legit number one and number two pitcher. What I seen lately from Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer makes me think that The Tigers could have a good summer.

5. My top three concerns with the Tigers? LF, 3B & set up man.
Hopefully either Maggs or maybe as a long shot Andy Dirks can come out of Toledo and give the Tigers a surprise lift .

  1. Your Mom says:

    Fithian learn some basic grammar please.

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