DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – Ex-Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has taken aim at her former counterpart in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, typing on Twitter that male governors should keep their “pants zipped.”

The tweet posted Tuesday is in response to the former California governor’s acknowledgment that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff.

Granholm’s online post reads: “Another guy guv admits 2 cheating on his wife. Maybe we need more women governors. Guys: keep ur pants zipped, for Pete’s sake. #Arnold”

Former press secretary Liz Boyd confirms Granholm typed the tweet herself.

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, separated after the action star revealed he had fathered the child. The child was born before Schwarzenegger began his seven-year stint in public office. (Follow the story at this link).

Michigan’s first female governor, Granholm served in the office from 2003 through last year.  Earlier this month, her portrait  joined those of other past governors at the Capitol. (See it here).

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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