Constantly, as the NFL’s lockout drags on, we hear about how there is a lack of urgency.

How the players aren’t that unhappy about it because they are missing mini-camps and Organized Team Activities (yes, that’s what “OTA” stands for), and that it might drag into training camp. Players really hate training camp.

It’s a lot easier running around in shorts with a ball cap on backwards for a couple days at Country Day High School than OTAs. But it looks good. A team unity thing – when there is no team there for them. The window dressing is nice, but there is more risk (injuries) than reward during such informal workouts.

Truth is, the players get the bulk of their money from game checks. There have been roster bonuses and such missed, but that’s about it. They don’t get paid until the fall. They have sacrificed little so far.

What’s their urgency to get a new collective bargaining agreement done?

The owners haven’t lost a cent in television or box office revenue yet, and won’t until the exhibition games. for more


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