DETROIT (WWJ) – Big news for those who suffer from Hepatitis C.  The Food and Drug Administration has approved another new treatment for the chronic liver disorder, it’s the second drug approval in the past couple of weeks. 

Henry Ford Hospital Hepatitis C researcher, Dr. Stuart Gordon, says it’s a landmark day.

“Their names are boceprevir and polaprevir and they bring enormous hope for patients with Hepatitis C, ushering in a new era of direct acting anti-viral agents.”

The drug approved Monday will be called incivek. Gordon says for those patients responding to the new triple therapy regimens, the cure rates are going up to eighty percent and he says it is a cure for patients responding and staying negative to the virus. 

“These agents were formulated and developed specifically to target the replication of Hepatitis C and to stop it in its tracks,” says Dr. Gordon.

He says the drugs should be available within the next couple of weeks. Gordon notes that four million people suffer from the chronic liver disorder in the U.S. alone.

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  1. peggy bohrer says:

    Dr. Gordon,
    This is wonderful news! My mom(Margaret Peck), a former patient of your’s
    in the 90’s would be celebrating too. Bless you.
    Peggy Bohrer

  2. Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson says:

    In-depth series on hepatitis C, the silent epidemic–price tag of $30 billion annually and growing toward $85 billion in 2027.

  3. James Cunningham says:

    My Name is James Cunningham and I Currently suffer From “END STAGE LIVER DISEASE” I Have Plenty Of Doctors Here at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. I Have been On the Interfuron & Ribaviron, It Made Me Sick as Hell and I had To Work. I have Insurance Now on Disability Social Security. They Give Me such a Small amount of Money. I Had Been Doing Mortgage’s Until The Credit Meltdown. I am Having such a Financial Disaster And Trying to Make all My Appts. With My Doctors I Do not Know what to do. For the first Time in my life at 59 yrs old I Realize that Rent of $630.00 in a Little Studio apt I Can No Longer Pay. I Get Stressed out and the Hepatic Encephalopathy Hits me, Now That is Scary. Any Advice? or anything?
    In A Real Pickle
    James Cunningham
    773-332-0343 Cell#

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