Charlie Furbush headlines…
10. Hairy situation, but Furbush delivers. Dan, St. Clair Shores
9. Furbush is huge fan of knuckleball
8. Furbush Catches Johnson Looking. Jeff-Howell
7. Tigers fans get their first taste of Furbush and like it. Mike in Plymouth
6. Other Furbush headlines… Lindsey Lohan undecided on favorite player – Wang or Furbush – Ryan in Canton
5. Coke to the DL and Oliver will get the call up to start on Saturday. Looks like Furbush is getting the shaft. – Mike Fraser
4. Headline: “Jim Leyland chews out Furbush after the game” Lyndsay in AA
3. Furbush balks at offer to try out for the NBA’s clippers. Don Macomb
2. Headlines for the name Furbush… Furbush on fire, goes 8 1/2 deep. Anthony Detroit
1. Furbush not intimidated by doubleheader. Fred Dearborn

  1. Mike says:

    Furbush takes one for the team!

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