We’ve got to stop being so soft.

People launched a Twitter war against Lions receiver Nate Burleson because he supposedly dogged Detroit during a Seattle television interview. Here is what Burleson said about the high player turnout during the Lions’ workouts last week at Detroit Country Day:

“Seeing about 35 guys there working out this time of year, and Detroit is not the most desirable place, so you got guys flying in, paying for their own hotel, paying for rental cars — so that kind of shows the dedication and really the direction of our team right now.”

Some folks are outraged and claim that Burleson took a shot at Detroit. For the record, he said the same thing when he was here in Detroit, but he was talking about the weather.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it has rained here two weeks straight. We can’t get a break from the rain.

The freeways are flooded. My front lawn is flooded. We have to put on scuba gear just to get to the mall. It is not desirable here right now.

That’s what Burleson was talking about.

We’ve got to stop being children when somebody doesn’t say Detroit is the greatest city in the world. It isn’t. We’ve got crime. We’ve got poverty. And we’ve got rain. Lots of rain.

Detnews.com for more


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