A simple bio of Lance Armstrong suggests he is a genuine American sports hero.

He showed great athleticism early in life, but also had to survive testicular cancer.

He rose above it to win the Tour de France seven times, along the way becoming a leading example for beating cancer, in addition to being a top fund raiser in seeking its cure. Remember the yellow “LIVESTRONG” wrists bands? A part of Americana.

Armstrong’s accomplishments have long been clouded by suspicion he had to cheat to win, though.

Cyclists, like track sprinters and home run hitters, are athletes labeled as “cheaters.”

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Comments (2)
  1. Alex S, says:

    Forget about Armstrong and his PED’s. Michael Phelps is the real deal;.

  2. Jaundalynn says:

    What a neat arictle. I had no inkling.

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