DEARBORN (WWJ) – The city of Dearborn is — once again — considering closing three swimming pools this year and another three next year. If the plan goes through, that would leave the city with just two pools.

That’s according to Mark Lane, spokesman for “Save Our Pools,” who says despite the city’s budget struggles, closing the pools is not an option.

“There’s over 25,000 children under the age of 18 living here in Dearborn,” Lane told WWJ Newsradio 950. “These pools have been part of this city’s fabric and the neighborhoods. It builds a community, and it’s a summertime place for kids and families to go. You meet other families and friends and build relationships. And that’s why I moved to Dearborn and have chosen to have a family here.”

WWJ’s Ron Dewey spoke with Kelly Gurtheier, who said she and her two young daughters visit the pool frequently.

“Everyone who doesn’t work, we meet up every day, we go to the pool, we go to the park… I don’t know, we use them all the time. It’s like our fun in the summer, going to the pools in Dearborn,” she said.

Gurtheier said the city has called for the neighborhood pools to close just about every year, but wonders where they will go to cool off if the city goes through with it this time.

“Save Our Pools” will be hosting a rally at Ten Eyck Pool, located on Audette and Croissant, in the Southfield/Outer Drive area at 7 p.m. Tuesday  to discuss what can be done to keep the pools open.

To be connected to the group’s Facebook page, click here.

  1. sbakers says:

    Someone in the media should help with this and investigate what is going on. The whole situation is very fishy. City says it cots 600K to keep one pool open. I just dont understand the numbers. SOP estimates the same pool would could 40K. At Ten Eyck specifically they are putting in new tennis and basketball courts, but can’t keep the pools open. This is an outrage and creates a dramatic impact on the summer within our neighborhoods.

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