As I walked into the Palace and passed security, it was pretty apparent that there was a different feeling in Auburn Hills. As soon as I entered the arena memories of the championship years came flashing back as right at center court the jumbo tron was lowered to floor level playing highlights of the glory years; a place where new owner Tom Gored will have his sights on returning to. Lowered for all to see were also numerous Eastern Conference Championship banners from 1988, 1990, 2004 and 2005. As I tried on my new Pistons hat provided for everyone in attendance, I saw the new saying, at least for this year: “be impactful” stitched on the side of it. All and all it was a pretty impressive start to the Tom Gores area! But this is what Gores does, puts on a show. But now comes the tough part, can he win?

Here are some of the quotes from Tom Gores:

 “Bill built this house and my mom built me”

“I will integrate my family and the Platinum family into this house. I do NOT fly solo”.

 “The true closer in this deal… is the community”

“Tomorrow Joe and us will be meeting. Mr. Stern already slapped us on the wrist for meeting too early”

“We need to make decisions. The Draft is very important”.

“We will be making decisions very quickly”.

“I need to be whatever kind of owner the team needs me to be”

 “We are getting educated. We are gonna lean on Joe Dumars and we are gonna push Joe. Our job is to challenge Joe”


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