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Fithian’s Fab Five 6-6-11

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September 25th, 2010, Photo by Steve Wiseman, CBS Radio Detroit

September 25th, 2010, Photo by Steve Wiseman, CBS Radio Detroit

Jim Tressel is a cheat and fraud. We have all known this for awhile but now he’s been found out and it cost him his job. Now we can really hear what a fraud he is talking about, “Kicking Michigan’s ass.” What an ass.

Tigers are way too up and down for me to change my pre season prediction of second place in the Central Division. I’m like a lot of Tigers observers in that I focus on what’s bad about them instead of talking about what’s pretty good. Pretty good like Miguel Cabrera & Justin Verlander.

The Red Wings won’t be moving to the Eastern Conference like they should. I think it has to do with the owners in the East not wanting Detroit in their conference let alone their division. Which teams in the East need attendance boosts? Not as many as you think when you think about having to play a team in your division six times.

Prediction to bank on: Michigan WR Darryl Stonum will play for the Michigan football team this year. Stonum was in court this week pleading guilty to another drinking charge and will likely have to spend some more time behind bars this summer. UM Head Coach Brady Hoke just like seemingly ever other coach in the U.S. will allow Stonum back on the team come fall. Stonum will probably have to sit out UM’s first game.

Those supposed naked pictures of Blake Livley on the net this week were fake?

Great job by somebody on Photoshop. Also, great job to whoever’s body that is if it’s not Lively.

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