DETROIT (WWJ) – Months into the NFL lockout, a former Detroit Lion says it impacts more than just players.

Former Detroit Lion Herman Moore says there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to the lockout, which began on March 11. He says it can potentially have a ripple effect and hurt more than just the players and fans. “Watching the guys from a football standpoint, it’s kind of tough to see that they’re not doing what we consider they should be doing at this time of the year, having the camps and getting ready for the season. So the lockout looks like it may shorten the season and get it down to eight games. If that’s the case, I think there’s going to be a lot of people who get hurt, in particular, the vendors,” says Moore.

And he says we could also see advertising take a major hit. “You’re going to see a downturn in the advertising department that a lot of these teams and a lot of companies depend on. So there’s a ripple effect that will occur,” he says.

And Moore says he’s well-versed on the issues. “It’s all about revenue share, it’s about the benefit program for retired players and also the players’ futures when they’re done playing in the NFL.”

So, when the season does get underway how does he think the Lions will do. Says Moore, “The Lions should be in a good position. I felt that they made a strong turn near the end of the year winning four games in a row, closing out the season pretty strong.”


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