This month’s free monthly Webinar from the Traverse City online marketing firm Oneupweb’s, The Digital Roadshow, will explain the stages of the game of interviewing — what to do before, during and after an interview. On Thursday, June 16 at 2 p.m. Eastern time, Oneupweb CEO Lisa Wehr and director of human resources Anne Rix will dish out best practices for interviewing. The Webcast is free.

“Our monthly Webinar usually covers specific digital marketing strategies, like search and social marketing,” Wehr said. “But this episode we’ve decided to deliver advice that would impact a larger audience, which is why we chose a topic, interviewing, that just about anyone would find valuable — from college grads to CEOs.”

With the recovering economy, a large number of people are looking to re-enter the work place. Whether rusty with application skills, new to the career world, or curious about switching to a different industry, Webinar attendees can expect to learn how to prepare for an interview, like learning to cope with nerves and develop articulate answers. Other takeaways will focus on how to perform during interviews, from body language to communicating with confidence. And Wehr and Rix will explain post interview musts.

“I’m geeked about helping individuals become stronger interviewers,” says Rix. “Over the years I’ve seen the do’s and many of the do not’s — crying, tardiness, swearing — you name it. I’m ready to let people know what an interviewer expects — but I’m mostly excited to make the interview experience more enjoyable for those seeking jobs.”

Wehr and Rix are accepting questions about interviewing—questions can be asked prior, during and after the event. To submit questions, register for the free live discussion and listen to archived episodes please visit

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