MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) – A St. Clair woman has confessed to offering her four-year-old daughter for sex via the Internet. The guilty plea from 28-year-old Andrea Ziza means she’ll likely spend less than four years in prison. According to the Macomb Daily, Ziza, who has been in jail since late March, pleaded guilty to six charges including three counts of using a computer to commit a crime, child sexually abusive activity, producing or distributing child sexual abusive material, and accosting a child for immoral purposes.

A Chesterfield Township man was communicating with Ziza through an online dating site in March when she made the offer. He contacted the FBI after viewing the livestreaming video of the woman’s daughter sucking on her breasts. Ziza at first told authorities she was working undercover to catch child predators, but later admitted to the act.

Ziza will be sentenced in July. She could also lose her parental rights. The little girl and her three-year-old sister are now living with their father.

Comments (11)
  1. BARBARA says:


  2. Linda says:

    Thank God this man was a good soul and contacted authorities. Its really scarey what might have happened to this little one and her sister.

  3. Irish says:

    Wolud love to knock that smug look right off her ugly snout.

  4. Anna from Australia says:

    Trash can breed, and it does. Those poor kids need to be protected from that sick god awful thing for life. She should be gotten rid of, off the face of the earth, we dont need people like this amongst us!!!

  5. Denise Groves says:

    a four year old sucking on her breast? she is too old. iam soooooo glad this man was normal and contacted the authorities. god only knows what would happen if a perv had been communicating with the mom

  6. Marcella Maynard Thomason says:

    What a travasty!!! How could 6 counts equal 4 years??? 6 counts against a CHILD no less. Who approved this? Please make public the name of all involved, attorneys for both sides AND the so called judge who allowed this plea!!!!! To save some time and money a sick sick monster will be out in no time, still young enough to breed another potential sex slave. They should all be ashamed! I hope they all suffer.

    1. Chris K. says:

      How could 6 counts equal 4 years ? Because she’s a she , that’s why.
      You can rest assured that if she’d been a he then the prison sentence would be ten times what this wench actually got .

  7. avalon says:

    Agreed – a parent who would offer his or her own child for sex is fundamentally warped, dangerous, and capable of doing anything. Who knows what those poor little girls have already endured with that freak. Six years ain’t enough, no way. If I were commissar, she’d be sterilized, as well.

  8. Child Advocate says:

    She should not be allowed another breath. Those poor children have already been through enough. The types of crimes against children should come with a much harsher punishment and maybe they wouldn’t be so common. I hope some lawmaker opens his or her eyes sooner rather than later.

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