DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s been part of Detroit for more than a century – providing emergency shelter and substance abuse treatment for people in need. This summer, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) celebrates its 102nd anniversary.

The organization is a safety net for thousands, and according to CEO Chad Audi, over 400 people who overcame substance abuse and got back on their feet are now graduating from the program.

“We are honored to be able to graduate 465 people who are, the least of them have been sober for six months. Fifty percent of them are already working and the rest are either at school finishing their degrees or they’re getting ready to find a job,” Audi said.

Over their long history in Detroit, Audi said DRMM has always had a great relationship with the city.

“We do talk with the city and the Mayor has been very supportive of our efforts. We collaborate with the city on a lot of their efforts. We don’t get a lot of their fundings, but we provide services within the city and we very much have a great relationship,” Audi said.

The Detroit Rescue Mission serves more than 1,400 men, women and children every day.

Watch a video from DRMM’s 100th Anniversary in 2009.

Watch more videos here.

To learn more about DRMM, visit


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