DETROIT (WWJ) – Some roads in Michigan look like a moonscape with all of the potholes.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Rob Sanford reports there are some in Lansing want to raise more money to fix them.

With Michigan’s roads and highways showing the signs of age, some Lansing lawmakers are suggesting the idea of increasing the gas tax to raise more money. Republican state Senator John Pro’s of St Joseph, who says he doesn’t like the idea:

“It’s up to that city manager or that    to make that decision as to how to spend those revenue sharing dollars. If we don’t have the revenues, how can we share them?” asked Pro. “That’s a reality, the revenues are not there, until Michigan’s business economy starts hiring Michigan people.”

The state Senate Transportation Committee has opened hearings on a plan to use 18% of the sales tax for fuel to fix roads.

  1. Mike says:

    Go ahead, you’ll be out of office real soon. Recalls will become the word of the day. Only, everyone will be signing them.

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