DETROIT (WWJ) – One week after the Detroit City Council voted 8-1 to cut an additional $50 million beyond Mayor Bing’s budget recommendation, new details are emerging Monday regarding the additional cuts to the city budget.

An advisory sent to WWJ stated the city departments, which have the responsibility of managing their budgets, have analyzed the cuts and the staffing and service reductions that will result.

A detailed summary of three high-priority areas that will be affected by the $50 million cut are listed below:

Public Safety (Police and Fire)
Parks, Recreation and Grass Cutting (General Services and Recreation)
Transportation (DDOT, People Mover and Woodward Light Rail)

Proposed Police Cuts:  $8,300,000
Reduces number of officers on the street
Prevents the hiring of 40 new, academy ready police cadets
Eliminates the Police Community Services Unit
Removal of all Community Relations Officers from precincts to compensate for loss of on-the-street personnel
Jeopardizes Federal Consent Compliance
Threatens precinct format

Proposed Fire Cuts: $4,100,000
Reduction in Fire personnel
Potential Closure of Fire Stations
Reduced vehicle availability for Emergency and Fire Response
Diminishes fire safety efforts

Proposed Cuts:  $8,183,370
Shuts down the People Mover
Eliminates Sunday and Holiday Bus Service
Eliminates 24hr service on major routes (2 a.m. – 5 a.m.)
Threatens the viability of the Woodward Light Rail Project
Must return more than $100 million in federal grants

Proposed Recreation
GSD Cuts: $7,500,000
Closes Butzel Family Center and one additional Recreation Center
Closes City of Detroit Marinas, Brennan Pool at Rouge Park, Gatliff Pool at Palmer Park and Belle Isle beach
Hart Plaza will be closed to sponsored events, beginning July 1, 2011
Restrooms on Belle Isle  and at all city parks will be closed
Unable to cut and maintain the grass at city parks and vacant lots
Eliminates summer day camps for youth 3 -12
Required to return $6.4 Million to the Department of Natural Resources that was used for facility improvements
Jeopardizes Community Cultural Arts Grant Funded Programs
Limited Recreational Programming for seniors and youth throughout the year

“These cuts won’t solve our fiscal crisis.  My administration reduced spending by $200 million in this budget and we did so responsibly, without hurting public safety or eliminating transportation services and park maintenance.  We have to tell people the truth about the service reductions that we’re facing if we don’t reach a compromise,” said Mayor Bing.

Comments (9)
  1. Property Owner says:

    Gary Brown’s comments are at the very least disingenuous, if not out and out attempts to mislead the public as to the police and fire contributions to easing the budget deficit. The police dept has given up retro pay owed its members ($3-$6K), Longevity Pay ($1-$4K), Pension Escalator ($3-$4K per year), and several healthcare benifits. Mr. Brown is apparently quite comfortable with the seven million dollars he and Attny. Stefani swindled the city out of.

  2. City resident says:

    Gary Brown received seven million dollars from the City in an illegal settlement for which stefani was disbarred.

  3. Ron B says:

    Sounds like Mayor Bing is standing at the door and yelling FIRE. Who is telling the truth?

    1. Ft. Woo says:

      Your right on! Lately, it’s hard to tell just who’s telling lies. It appears city council is back to it’s old ways. Hmmmm? The ghost if Monica …lol

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