Growing up in Michigan, my Mom would tell me the safest time to put down roots.  Of course, I’m talking about when it’s time to plant!

Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots

Despite warm temps approaching Memorial Day (in the 80s, 92 on the 31st), Mom will not plant her garden until after the holiday.  This desire to plant late comes from losing all her flowers to frost one year. I tried to tell her this May the only day with 30 degree temps was early on in the month (36 on the 4th), but it didn’t matter.  I decided to wait and plant with her.  After all, it’s tradition.  Even when I lived in another state, Mom would fly in to help me plant.  It’s a bonding experience that produces pretty results.

Planting together

Planting together

Keeping it safe, it was warm and breezy when we set out to buy our flowers.  We were looking for the best deal on flats and flowers to fill a couple of porch planters and an empty tree bed.

Searching for the best flowers

Searching for the best flowers

We came up with geraniums and begonias!  I also threw in a few extra greens as fillers.  Here’s the results so far:

Begonias round the tree!

Begonias round the tree!

Have you planted your garden?  Did you choose your plants for color or hardiness? What flowers did you end up with?

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Comments (2)
  1. Kris Kelly says:

    I haven’t planted but I need to do something. I’m thinking of low-growing perrinials maybe 6-8 inches high to go in front of small bushes…that way I won’t have to do it again next year! Does Mom have any suggestions for me?

    1. Lori Pinson says:

      Hi Kris, Mom suggested day lilies or salvia. Both produce great color! How about iris? I’m looking for some of them myself. Let me know what you end up with :)

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