By Tim Skubick

LANSING (WWJ) – The debate continues over the proposed second bridge between Detroit and Windsor.  The first of two days of hearings began on Wednesday.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says it is an emotional debate.

“Governor [Rick Snyder], now a new governor, tries to push this bridge between Detroit and Windsor and he’s getting pushed back from Republicans in the legislature,” said Skubick.

Skubick said a Canadian official will be testifying.

“They have pledged to the governor and he announced way back in January, when the snow was blowing, that the Canadians are going to give us $500 million plus that Michigan will not be on the hook for this bridge,” said Skubick.

“But you know what?  That has not brought many republicans on board with the governor because some of them still believe that this ought to be done by the private sector and the government should stick its nose out of this.”

Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley will also be testifying at the hearings.

“[Calley], who is a point person on this, is addressing one of the major issues of this hearing: Who gets stuck for the cost of this bridge?”

Skubick said a vote on this issue most likely won’t take place for several months.

Wearing a “Build the Bridge” button, Gov.  Snyder kicked off the Mackinac Policy Conference, early this month, by pushing for approval the new international crossing. Asserting that it would increase trade and create jobs, the Governor said he wanted to get approval for the project by July 1. (More on this, here).

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Comments (2)
  1. vickism says:

    If there is no money in a new bridge, then why is Maroon so adamant about being the one to finance and build it? Probably because he has a monopoly and a sweet heart deal on duty free gas. Not to mention how he has held truckers hostage for years. I am so sick of his misleading and down right deceivious commercials. Please everyone, convince your rep to work with Canada, because they use it more than we do, and bring some jobs to Michigan. Can we trust someone like Maroon, who can’t even finish the renovations on the current bridge let alone maintain his other properties (the train depot), with something as important as an international crossing?

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