(Washington-WWJ) That used car or truck you just bought may be the subject of a recall you were never told about.

According to a government watchdog agency, used car dealers may be selling vehicles that have been recalled but not repaired because manufacturers didn’t send them the same recall notifications that are sent to franchised dealers.

The Government Accountability Office says that even if  used car dealers know of a recall, there is no requirement that they tell prospective buyers or make repairs before a vehicle is sold.

Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which regulates auto safety issues, does not have the authority to order dealers to warn buyers.

The GAO report concludes that “Many consumers may be unknowingly putting their lives at risk by purchasing a defective vehicle.”

(Copyright 2011 WWJ Newsradio 950. All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press Contributed To This Story.)

  1. Ralph Vincent Ferraren says:

    I’ve seen a used car on local used car dealerships at what seems like a really good price but it is described as having been “repaired” and the repair being a “category E” repair.

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