Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 6-16-11

Things hockey fans like more than Gary Bettman…
10. Hockey fans like melted ice more . From KB
9. Franklin – the 1980 Russian Red Army Team
8. hockey fans love the possibility of joe buck calling a stanley cup overtime game 7. he shoots, he scores, game over. – drew at work
7. FROM: Deuce… Things hockey fans like more than Gary Bettman: playing the Winter Classic in London
6. Things nhl fans like more than gary bettman? How about having to wear one of don cherrys suits to your next staff meeting. Tom at work
5. I like Lebron better than Bettman. But not by much. Trucker Mike
4. What do hockey fans like more than Bettman? Sending their teenage daughters to the “Clemens and Sanchez” cheerleading camp! K ice
3. Things hockey fans like more: The amount of money it costs for Goalie Pads.
2. Instant feedback: The idea of adding another team in Florida… Chuck at work
1. They like the glow puck better than Bettman – Ken Clinton twp


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