By Sandra McNeill

HAMTRAMCK (WWJ) – It’s a good start so far for a local high school teacher, aiming to climb North America’s tallest peak … and raise a little money for his school while he’s at it.  John Rostek teaches business at Hamtramck High.

Fellow teacher Toni Coral spoke to him by satellite phone from the base of Mt. McKinley.

“After the first day, he’s feeling great,” Coral said.  “He was really ready to go.  They aren’t too far up in elevation.  I know by the time they get halfway up, they’re really looking at about 50-percent of the oxygen that we’re used to down here.”

It’s not just the altitude, it’s the weather that’s tough for the climbers.

“I know the average temperature, even now here in June, it’s well below zero,” she said.  “I think he told me it was minus 20.”

Coral says Rostek’s climb is being tracked every step of the way.

“It’s some kind of device, I think from a company they call themselves ‘yellow brick.’  It looks like they’re using Google maps and it just leaves a yellow line from where he started and that yellow line remains and follows him from point to point.”

Rostek took donations for his climb and his goal is to raise a dollar every foot of his 20-thousand foot ascent that’s expected to take up to three weeks. Coral says he’s inspiring the students.

“We’re just really proud of him,” she said.  “Everyone’s really excited.  Kids are always coming into my room and saying, ‘can you show me the GPS?’ because I’ve had it on my computer.”

You can map Rosteck on his journey at this link.

Check out the blog here.

Also, Facebook, here; and on Twitter, here.


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