WALLED LAKE (WWJ) – A Commerce Township man is jailed and facing murder charges in the death of his four-month old baby boy. Oakland County Sheriff investigators say Richard Gillis the third has made several incriminating statements and is the “key suspect” in the case.

He was arrested on Saturday in Walled Lake and arraigned on Father’s Day, five days after the baby, Richard Gillis the fourth, was taken off life support at the University of Michigan Mott’s Children’s Hospital.

Investigators say the baby had bruises and scratches when he was first taken to the hospital. A medical examination showed the child had multiple skull fractures, broken ribs and internal bleeding.

Oakland County Sheriff’s officials said the 22-year-old Gills made several incriminating statements and is the “key suspect.”

If convicted, he faces life in prison.

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  1. Something to consider says:

    It is an irrebuttable fact that human life begins at conception. The point that we all really argue is whether or not a “parent’s choice” overrides a child’s right to its own life at any particular point during that child’s life. The sick crime described in this article demonstrates how we all clearly know that killing a four month old is disgusting and worthy of a life sentence (at least). However, this four month old, if left to its own devices, and not given food, shelter and care would certainly have died. I argue that the human life of this four month old is just as worthy of protection as a human life that is one second old. Why? Because a human life’s value is not measured by its value to society, but by the simple fact that it is a human life. Remember your anger at this article the next time you consider your position on our great abortion debate.

  2. You Wont Listen To Me says:

    Why don’t you try to step back and think about the man being charged. Because I have. I know him and I know his family and fiance. You might think that makes me biased, but do not mistake my stance in Rick’s corner as that of biased, ignorant piece of work. I am not. I simply know the man is stable and not mentally incompetent, and definitely not a murderer.

    He is a good man who had an accident and the media has taken statement from an IGNORANT (I wont say stupid because the man probably doesn’t realize how terribly he has messed up) sheriff. The sheriff and everyone else in the world have painted this kind hearted man as a child-beating savage who does not have the patience to deal with a child crying for awhile. I watched him listen to his woman cry for two years and he didn’t beat her head against a table.

    This man is innocent and it is terrible media coverage like this, and gullible believers who are going to have him sitting in a cell for the rest of his life over an accident. Does he deserve to be punished for the accidental death of his child? Maybe. We all loved Ricky Lee, his son, and couldn’t believe the news when we heard it. Yet everyone that knows this man knew immediately that he did not and could not ever kill his own son.

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