Ebony Magazine, a national publication, is talking about the Motor City!  In it’s July issue, Ebony has a special report about rebuilding and reinventing Detroit.  In 16 pages, the magazine tackles some of the issues facing the city, and what may lead to its success.

The article talks about the declining population.  One of the points that hits home is: no other major American city has lost its residents as fast as Detroit has, with the exception of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. 

It continues to talk about other topics involving racial tension, the economy, leading industries, beautification, corruption and restoring the city’s glory. 

The magazine also nabbed an exclusive interview with ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

You would think this article would leave you feeling pessimistic about the city’s potential, but it doesn’t.  Face it, yes we are in some hard times.  Yes, it is a long road to recovery.  Yes, our people are suffering.  But NO, we should never stop believing.

Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine

Ebony talks about some of the more uplifting highlights of the city.  Take the arts for example.  This is Motown for crying out loud!  We own the arts!  Detroit is a music city. 

And what about farming?  Ebony talks with Michael Weathington, a landscaper at an urban farm at the River Rouge Park.  He is helping to grow organic, healthy food for people of the city.  I never heard of this project until I read the article.

Make sure you also read the boxes that quote some famous Detroiters, including yours truly!  This is what I said on page 109, “Detroit will survive because of the hope and faith of its people.  We believe in our city.  And those who invest in us and believe in us will be a part of [our] success!”

Syma's quote on page 109

Syma's quote on page 109

My favorite quote comes from the founder of Motown, Berry Gordy.  He tells Ebony, “First and foremost, Detroit will survive.  That’s just what Detroiters do.  We have to remember what the people of Detroit are made of.  They are resilient.  They are hardworking.  They are fighters, and they are smart.  Detroiters take pride in themselves and their great city.  We have to remember where we came from — the rich history of our city and its extraordinary contributions.  Detroit is the heartbeat of the rest of our country.  It is an example of what can be accomplished with American ingenuity, enterprise and vision. We have to remember what we were able to do.  We have to believe that we can do it again.  Because we can!”

How great is that statement?  I agree with Mr. Gordy about Detroiters.  Even though I have only lived here for less than 6 months, it is very clear to me: Detroiters are people of pride and hope.  If you think we will never bounce back, say this proverb out loud: “this too shall pass.” 

Ebony magazine’s July issue is on sale now.  It is part of their Collector’s Edition with two different covers.  One features actor/singer Tyrese Gibson and the other features actor/singer Taraji Henson.

Learn more at http://www.ebonyjet.com/

Comments (2)
  1. A Native Detroiter says:

    Holding on to Detroit’s economic property:

    Detroit had the biggest cash cow in the country, the automotive industry. However, the genius that managed, manufactured and designed was able to squander the results after 100 years of development.

    If Detroit learns anything from this is it needs to hold on to its economic property. Beware of outsiders bearing Ivy League credentials that come to town to make their own wealth and leave. Recent history shows they leave companies bankrupt and Detroiters unemployed

  2. Primetime Editorials says:

    I love Ebony Magazine, Detroit is a complex city with alot of hope and alot of life
    I just cant wait till the day when it becomes a big ole tourist mecca again

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