What would people’s foul balls do to your beer?
10. Labron james’s foul ball would disapear when there was a quarter left. Glen in ro
9. Rayburns foul ball would make it’s way from the beer and back home into the catchers glove
8. Fwd: Barry Bonds foul ball would make the beer triple in size in 2 seasons. Dan from flint.
7. FROM: Deuce… What certain people’s foul ball will do to a beer: Roger Clemens’ foul ball will turn it into a nice 15 yr old…scotch.
6. Jonny Damon’s foul ball turned the beer into a Cosmopolitan. BILL
5. Brenda warner’s foul ball will turn a light beer dark- chris in warren.
4. Brandon Inge’s foul ball makes some fans beer taste great, and other fan’s beer taste awful. Kevin Rochester hills
What peoples’ foul balls would do to your beer.. Ken Kal’s foul ball turns your beer room temperature. Ryan Canton
3. Steve Nash foul ball was heading for a cup of beer but Jason richardsons ball was already there. Shaun
2. what follow ball will do to beer – Bill Clinton’s foul ball causes beer to leave a small stain on blue dresses. Paul canton
1. What would Joe Buck’s foul ball do to a cup of beer? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dave in Pinkney


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