Supreme Court Hears Appeals From Medical Marijuana Users

PONTIAC (WWJ) – For the first time since voters approved the 2008 medical marijuana law, the Michigan Supreme Court will hear appeals from two “users” facing criminal charges.

In both cases, drug charges were dismissed by trial judges but restored by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Southfield attorney Neil Rockind, who is  handling a number of medical marijuana cases in Oakland County, hopes this will bring “clarity” for patients, caregivers and law enforcement.

“We’re all hopeful that the Supreme Court will not just decide these cases, but we’re hopeful that they will decide these cases in a way that breathes life into the Michigan medical marijuana act and the purposes behind the act,” he said.

Rockind is among advocates for patients and caregivers who say there’s been confusion and different interpretations of the law.

“What’s so frustrating for those of us that are advocating and fighting on behalf of patients, is that there are people in government, in all levels of government and all branches of government, that seem to want to act as though this law wasn’t passed and that it doesn’t exist. Or, they want to interpret it into non-existence,” Rockind said.

The Michigan law says patients and caregivers can possess or grow small amounts of pot with a doctor’s approval and state-issued “user card.”

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  • Craven

    What these defense attorneys fail to tell everyone is that nobody is being charged with any crimes regarding medical marijuana in the entire Metro Detroit area who strictly abides under the law which is the patient/caregiver relationship. Dispensaries are illegal.

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