In a 7 to 2 vote, Detroit City Council rejected Mayor Dave Bing’s budget compromise. Bing says the compromise would save hundreds of police and firefighter jobs, bus service on Sundays, as well as the People Mover.

Councilman James Tate was one of the two who voted in favor of Bing’s budget.

“I understand that we have to be fiscally responsible. I’ve said this before. It still has to be stated that there is still on the table a $20 million cut to the budget that was being presented to us,” Tate said.

Those who voted against it said the deal would undermine the city’s ability to reduce the accumulated deficit and put Detroit in jeopardy of an emergency state take over.

Earlier this month, Council voted 8-1 to cut an additional $50 million beyond Bing’s budget recommendation. The mayor is threatening cuts to public safety if $30,000 isn’t restored.

“I would caution this council and the public at large to consider that all cuts have consequences,” said Bing, earlier Tuesday. “We cannot, in one breath, say the city must cut $50 million while at the same time pretending that it can be done without a significant service impact,” he said.

Council members call Bing’s threats “scare tactics.”

The deadline to approve the budget is Friday.

City Council member Andre Spivey says the ball is back in Bing’s court.

“I want the people to know today, that the Mayor has prerogative to come back at any time. If something is cut off Saturday, July 1st, it’s not Council’s fault,” Spivey said.

Mayor Bing spoke at a news conference, later Tuesday, saying he would accept the budget as approved by Council. (More on this, here).


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