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345 E. 48th St. #200, Holland

Hudsonville Ice Cream started when a group of local farmers who were looking for a better way to sell their dairy products banded together to form a new co-op. They chose a location on Chicago Drive in Hudsonville, Michigan, for this new venture, and in 1895 the Hudsonville Creamery was born.
In 1926, the Creamery began churning ice cream during the summer months- producing six flavors; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, orange pineapple, and tootie fruitie. That same year, the first commercially successful Continuous Process Freezer, developed by Clarence Vogt, was introduced. The continuous freezer would revolutionize the ice cream industry, allowing manufacturers to mass-produce their product for the first time, and creating a new demand for what had traditionally been a summertime treat. Fourteen years later, ice cream had become a staple product for the Hudsonville Creamery, and in 1940 the company began producing the six original flavors of ice cream year-round.


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