Supreme Court Shoots Down Violent Video Game Ban

DETROIT (WWJ) – The U.S. Supreme Court weighed in this week on violent video games, ruling that states can not stop stores from selling the games to kids.

Michigan State University Law Professor Kevin Saunders who argued in favor of the ban, said it will now be up to local governments and community groups to issue warnings to parents.

“You could go further and list the places that are in fact selling these games to children, if you have one in your jurisdiction, a store in your jurisdiction that’s doing so, and that would be constitutional as well because it too is government speech, as long as there’s not an implied threat that we’re going to try to prosecute the store,” Saunders said.

“Clearly, that sort of government speech letting parents know what could be of harm to their children is proper function for the government. And there are a number of public interest groups… that do the same kind of thing,” he continued.

Professor Saunders said he would also like to see the stores that sell the games listed online, much like the sex offender registry.

According to Saunders, there is little legal recourse now that the high court has thrown out the ban.


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