DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit city councilman is calling for special investigations of two city departments.

Kwame Kenyatta said he’s been getting too many complaints about Detroit police officers using excessive force.”We keep hearing, you’ve heard here testimonies today from citizens who were brutalized and felt that (it was), you know, to no fault of their own,” said Kenyatta.

“We’ve seen tapes where individuals was knocked to the ground … We get calls in our office,” he said.

Kenyatta said he also has been hearing a lot about an alleged “pay-to-play” culture in the city’s building, safety and engineering department. He wants someone to look into alleged the shady dealings of building and safety inspectors.

“For years, there have been complaints about shakedowns when it comes to getting building permits and these kinda things and we, you know, have looked at it but we haven’t really looked at it in depth,” said Kenyatta.

Speaking before Council on Wednesday, Kenyatta said he’s not sure who should conduct these investigations, but said the complaints cannot continue to be ignored.

  1. liberty says:

    Bad officials are everywhere. We elect or promote people without real regard for their character. Unfortunately, the police departments around the country have been getting more abusive, violent and dis-honorable. Officials look the other way when a cop does something stupid, or worse. We have to look toward ourselves for putting up with this garbage for so long. Go check out injusticeeverywhere to see how the police have turned from being protection to being need to be protected from.

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