Obamas first tweet came from Evan asking…Would you rather serve another term as President or Punch Nancy Grace in the face 10 times? Tim Sterling Hgts

What to expect: Patrick Kane will be Obama’s first follower due to his huge support of change. Brett Farmington

What to expect from Obamas twitter? “Mr. Ghaddafi, have you ever wondered what a bunker buster bomb looks like? Look up!” Terry. St. Clair Shores.

Obama on twitter. . . Keeps telling @terryfoster971 that it ‘s ok to tweet michelle but please don’t re tweet her. Cory

Gene Lamont will tell him to stop tweeting so much but he naturally will keep tweeting. Derek St Clair Shores

What to expect from Obama on twitter: the secret service will get paranoid once people start following him. Brett Farmington.

Tweets from Obama “would anyone mind if I deported Nancy Grace?” Rob Livonia

What to expect with Obama on twitter…He went with the username sharktapuss69 because Bigclam69 was taken. Tim

What to expect with the President on Twitter? Non-stop compliments for Terry Foster when he forgets to log off. Joe Troy

and this last one has to be number one…i dont care about the rest of the order…

Tweets from Obama…presidential fun facts…like 1 out of 44 presidents can dunk. Chris at work


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