Campaign To Recall Gov. Snyder Intensifies

LANSING (WWJ) – Michiganders who want Governor Rick Snyder to “pursue other interests” are stepping up their recall campaign Saturday at county court houses across the state.

 Tom Bryant runs the recall campaign in Genesee County. He says he got involved because of the Governor’s cuts to education.

“Any cut to education funding, to me, it just makes no sense — if you’re trying to revive a state’s economy, to take out one of the major legs of an economy, which is an educated work force,” Bryant told WWJ Newsradio 950.

He said there are more than 100 petition signing events planned for Saturday in almost every county in the state. They expect a good turnout.

“There have been a good number of Republicans who have personally came up to me to sign, saying ‘oh, I voted for the bum and I can’t believe what he’s doing’, you know, ‘give me that pen’ sort of thing,” said Bryant.

As for Governor Snyder, he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the recall effort, calling it “democracy in action”.

More than 800,000 valid signatures have to be collected by August 5th in order to get the recall measure of the November ballot.  While the campaign is not saying how many they have so far, Bryant said he is confident they will beat the deadline.

  • Bill

    This is another attempt by the MEA to socialize the state.
    These are the crackpots who teach our kids to cheat by using computers, teach them to forget the basics of math, while the rest of the world has passed us by on education. The MEA is using Jimmy Hoffa type rules in the teaching business. These are the same idiots who want to do away with teaching cursive writing. This is one of the basic points to education. It also expands the use of the brain. But these diabolical jerks want to cripple the future generations. Aren’t our children far enough behind the children in the rest of the
    industrialized world? Michigan Educators should be recalling the MEA leadership.

    • Tim Kramer

      sorry Bill, the MEA is not backing us

    • Rhonda Carr

      Do you have facts to support this? Show me how the MEA has been involved for the past few months.

    • Tim Kramer

      As Admin of the Recall, again I tell you the MEA is NOT backing us. When are you people going to get that fact into your heads?

    • Jackie

      @ Bill, the MEA is not the driving force behind the Recall. This is a grassroots organizations with people from all walks of life ptiching in to stop this mad man from raping Michigan.
      I am a retired licensed counselor who sits in our village park 3 days a week to gather signatures. My husband is a rietired postal worker. We are middle class and proud. I will not stand by while a gov of my great state who believes “Democracy is getting in the way.” rape, pillages and pluders to his heart content.
      If you do not agree with us, then get out of our way and let us do what true democracy intended, stop coruption. Power to the People of Michigan and across this great land.

  • Pamela

    We need a Governor that feels the people of Michigan pain in this rotten ecenomy.

    • Matt

      JESSE JACKSON!!!!!

  • JulesM
  • Jim

    Remember, one can sign the petition, it can get on the ballot, and the recall can, and will, be rejected. Good luck to all who want Jenny back.

    • Tim Kramer

      Jenny is history, can we please try to live in the present and look to the future?

      • shane Jacobs

        Snyder will loose!!!hmmm I would take Jenny over him any day

      • Tim Kramer

        @Jim, Rick is only the future for a few more months

      • Jim

        What do you think Rick is doing? That is the future.

      • Matt

        JESSE is our FUTURE!!!!!

    • John Fick

      Jim do you have a better suggestion to resolve the mess that gov.Snyder is trying to create.He’s on the path of destroying alot of peoples livelihoods.We need to start at the root of the problem. Why use Jenny as a scapegoat.

    • John Fick

      Thanks for your positive outlook about this petition. We need more positive thinkers like youself in our society.With mentalities like yours we’re surely going to move ahead in an organized movement to have a government for the real people who are the backbone of Michigan.

  • Tim Kramer

    Our first TV interview will be on July 11 @6:30 AM on Detroit’s TV 20. The show is called Innerviews

  • shane Jacobs

    I am tired of people puting this off as just union gripe. They are attacking the old, poor,destroying our educational system. Who is going to transport the students now that they are making it law that busing has to be privatized. Alot of counties don’t even have public transportation.

    • Tim Kramer

      Especially since no Unions have backed us

  • racerboy

    Destroying our educational system??? WHAT educational system??? The MEA killed that years ago…it’s not for the kids…it’s ALL for the Teacher’s Union!!!

  • shane Jacobs

    Do you have any facts to support it? As a father I do not want his reinvention of Michigan.

  • P. Anklam

    WE WANT TO SIGN THIS PETITION – MY HUSBAND AND i . PLEASE GIVE US FUTURE LOCATIONS OF WHERE TO SIGN . Thank you . Our cell phone number is 810-265-4032 . P. and Kent Anklam , Clio, MI.Please leave us a future date on our cell phone voice mail or your phone # and we”ll call you . This is our grand daughter”s computer – not ours- we have none .

  • steve

    Information for where I can go sign should have been part of the article, or at least a link in the article for interested parties to click on. Thank you JulesM, for the link. Google searching for this was useless, is Google pro-snyder?

  • Constipated Chica

    get that republicans out of office
    Michigan doesnot need any more Republicans
    Tea Party azzholes just cut everything

  • carl

    i just think that we did not elect him with the ideal that he could put into law that he could put his own pepole in power if he deems that they are doing a pour job running things that should be up to us voters not him as a dictator.

  • toby

    Bill: “These are the crackpots who teach our kids to cheat”

    And Bill thinks the teachers are crackpots? Get a whiff of Bill’s post!

  • racerboy

    So, finally the MEA comes clean and says they are helping fund the recall operation and actively working to gather signatures. This group may be the most corrupt collection of self-serving public employees in our state. And they do it all in the name of our children….simply disgusting.

    • shane Jacobs

      They are not the ones that taxed the elderly, poor and reduced funding to our school just to give the wealthiest a tax break. They did not violate the rights of minorities

    • Tim Kramer

      As Admin of the Recall effort, I guarantee you this is NOT MEA backed.

  • jack

    Was it any better with Engler ? thats when all this started , he left Granholm with a big deficit … now the Republicans are trying to cover their ass

    • Tim Kramer

      Can we try to live in the present and for the Future?

  • Matt

    JESSE JACKSON is our SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!

    • Rose

      You do realize that Jesse Jackson is not even a resident of this state much less a candidate for governor?

  • racerboy

    Just for those of you who only listen to your Union rep or simply watch ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC, taxpayers in the group that includes only the top 5% of adjusted gross income filers pay an astounding 60.1% of the total income taxes paid by all individual taxpayers. Almost 50% of all those filing a return pay NO tax at all. The Obama administration could confiscate ALL of the income from the top 10% of wage earners and still not balance the 2010/2011 annual expenditures. So much for a tax break for the wealthy. Hell, let’s all stop working and just live off them!!!

    • Shane Jacobs

      We are talking about Snyder and this has nothing to do with federal Taxes.i am not sure where you get your figures but I doubt them!!

  • racerboy

    The referenced tax philosophy in the post (and subsequent whining) is the same mindset regardless if it is state or federally induced. We are actually referring the the general delusional position of liberals who merely chant the pablum-fed mantra of the left-leaning media…those who do not do any of their own homework. Which is precisely the reason you doubt the GOA numbers. People are simply too lazy or too educationally deprived to look at the actual facts.

  • racerboy

    BTW: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released today its Report Card on American Education: K-12 State Performance, Progress, and Reform, a comprehensive overview of education achievement levels within the 50 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.). Guess where the MEA-led State of Michigan ranked…49 th. But our teachers have GREAT benfits!!! Only proves that money spent does NOT equal quality education…people make that happen.

  • Shane Jacobs

    ALEC is is made up of conservative law makers!!! So that kind of blows your coments.

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  • joe

    We love you Rick. You are doing good for this state. Ignore these whiny freeloaders, our state can’t afford them anymore. GO RICK GO!!!

    • Shane Jacobs


      Yes Rick Must GO!!!! as far as freeloader I think not

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