DETROIT (WWJ) – New research finds higher cancer death rates in men than among women.

When it comes to cancer death rates in men – versus – women, research from the National Cancer Institute shows that in cancers of the lip and larynx, for example, men died at least five times more often than women.

Why do men die more often from some cancers than women? Researchers at the Karmanos Cancer Institute are looking for answers, but Oncologist Anthony Shields said it’s not easy. It could be environmental exposure or alcohol intake and smoking.

“We know, for instance, that esophageal and head and neck cancer is often seen in people that drink excessively and smoke. It’s not one or the other, although each contributes, but when you put ’em together you start seeing even more cancers… those are more commonly seen in men and cause more deaths in men,” Shields said.

A new National Cancer Institute report showed that men die up to five times more often than women from certain cancers. Studies at Karmanos are also looking at gender and racial disparities.

Listen to Pat Sweeting’s interview here:


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