I would put Chris Osgood in the Hall of Fame but I doubt that he will get in. If he’s not getting the overwhelming support in his hometown – how do you think he’s going to be viewed on the outside?

I can’t put the Lions in the playoffs yet. I’m saying 8-8 until I see some real help at OLB & CB. What team has made the post-season with not one, but two defensive units being in the bottom three of the NFL?

Matt Stafford has a chance to be a good quarterback, but all the gushing over him as a finished product is too much. I still haven’t seen the touch and accuracy required, arm strength yes, to be a top 10 QB in the NFL. He’s not there yet. Could be, but not yet.

I always thought that the corner of Michigan/Trumbull would be great as just an old baseball field. I like it as it is now and would only like to see the grass in better shape. Maybe a set of bleachers or some picnic tables. Any kind of business would be stupid to be built on the field. Field of Dreams? Not yet – but I like it.

If the NFL can get a labor deal done and be ready to go for a preseason schedule with the regular season around the corner then the NBA better be ready to follow. Sports fans will have little patience with the NBA in a lockout situation after seeing America’s sport come to terms.

Still waiting for Brandon Inge to come out and apologize to Tigers fans for his comments on Sunday.
You are not a real fan if you boo Inge? Sad to see a once well liked player in Detroit, who is now overmatched in MLB, go out like this.


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