Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 7-20-11

Instant Feedback Fun. What to expect from a partnership between the NHL and Disney?
10. What expect with Disney and Nhl partnering. . . All Goalie masks will have mouse ears Cory
9. Walt disneys frozen body will be buried at center ice during the stanley cup finals. -aaron in southfield.
Players will be required to perform in Disney on Ice shows – Greg working Livonia
8. From Deuce… What to expect from a Disney/NHL partnership: the Anaheim Ducks will get a new coach, Emilio Estevez
7. What to expect from Disney and the NHL? Miley Cyrus will team up with Sean Avery for Hannah Montana 2: Sloppy Seconds! -Dan in Livonia
6. What to expect from a Disney/NHL partnership: though it won’t be encouraged, Disney On Ice will have more fights
5. Donald Duck is gonna teach the europeons to speak English. Bill Lincoln Park
4. What to expect when disney teams up with the nhl: mike babcocks hair kicks a dragons ass and gets the princess. Joe
3. What to expect from Disney? Instead of skating out of a sharks mouth like the do in San Jose, Syndey Crosby & the rest of the Penguins will skate out under the dress of a giant Cinderella! Stevo
2. I hear Disney is going to do a remake of a classic: “Beauty and The Beast” starring Mike Babcock’s hair and Alexander Ovechkin. Je inSale
1. Johan Franzen will have to change his nickname from the mule to Eeyore!


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