DETROIT (WWJ) – The heat wave is keeping over a hundred Detroit Public Schools closed.

The district says that the 102 public schools and two adult education buildings will remain closed through the end of the week because of no air conditioning (scroll down for the list). Officials say some summer classes will also be moved to newer, air-conditioned buildings when sites are shared with older schools that do not have air-conditioning.

In Oakland County: Bethune Academy and Pontiac Middle School will be closed Friday in the Ferndale district, all activities are cancelled, with the exception of Summer School classes held at Coolidge Intermediate School which will resume tomorrow as will the Summer Food Program at Coolidge.

Detroit Public School buildings that will be closed on Friday:

Academy of the Americas, 5680 Konkel Street

Ann Arbor Trail, 7635 Chatham

Bagley, 8100 Curtis Street

Barton, 8530 Joy Road

Bates Academy, 19701 Wyoming Avenue

Beard ELC, 840 Waterman

Fitzgerald Bethune, 8145 Puritan Street

Blackwell Institute, 9330 Shoemaker Street

Bow, 19801 Prevost Street

Brewer, 18025 Brock Street

Brown, Ronald Academy – Old Building Only, 11530 E. Outer Drive

Burns, 14350 Terry Street

Burton International, 2100 M.L.K., Jr. Boulevard

Carleton, 11724 Casino Street

Carstens, 2592 Coplin Street

Carver, 18701 Paul Street

Central, 2425 Tuxedo Street

Chrysler, 1445 E. Lafayette Street

Clark, 15755 Bremen Street

Clippert Academy, 1981 McKinstry Street

Cody, 18445 Cathedral Street

Communication Media Arts, 14771 Mansfield Street

Cooke, 18800 Puritan Street

Crockett HS, 8950 St. Cyril

Davison , 2800 E. Davison Street

Denby, 12800 Kelly Road

Detroit City HS, 13141 Rosa Parks Boulevard

Detroit International Academy, 9026 Woodward Avenue

Detroit Lions Academy, 10101 E. Canfield Street

Dixon, 8401 Trinity Street

Dossin, 16650 Glendale Street

Douglass Academy, 2001 W. Warren Avenue

Durfee, 2470 Collingwood Street

Edison, 17045 Grand River Avenue

Edmonson, 1300 W. Canfield Street

Ellington, Edward “Duke” Conservatory, 8030 E. Outer Drive

Emerson – Ford HS Program Only, 18240 Huntington Road

Ferguson, 2750 Selden Street

Field, Moses, 1100 Sheridan Street

Finney HS at McNair, 4180 Marlborough Street

Foreign Language Immersion, 6501 W. Outer Drive

Glazer, 2001 La Belle Street

Gardner, 6528 Mansfield Street

Garvey, Marcus Academy, 2301 Van Dyke Street

Golightly Career & Tech, 900 Dickerson Avenue

Gompers, 20601 W. Davison Street

Greenfield Union – Old Building Only, 420 W. 7 Mile Road

Robeson, Malcolm X, Hally, 2585 Grove Street

Hamilton, 14223 Southampton Street

Harms, 2400 Central Street

Henderson Upper (Academy), 16101 W. Chicago Street

Holmes, A.L., 8950 Crane Street

Holmes, O.W., 4833 Ogden Street

Hutchins , 6050 Linwood Street

Hutchinson, 5221 Montclair Street

Jemison, Mae C. Academy, 16400 Tireman Street

Kettering (including Trombly), 6101 Van Dyke Avenue

Kettering West (included w/Kettering), 6101 Van Dyke Avenue

DSA West – Langston Hughes, 19501 Berg Road

Law – Old Building Only, 19411 Cliff Avenue

Logan, 3811 Cicotte Street

Loving, 1000 Lynn Street

Ludington, 19355 Edinborough Road

MacDowell, 4201 W. Outer Drive

Mann, 19625 Elmira Street

Marquette, 6145 Canyon Street

Marshall, T, 15531 Linwood Street

Mason, 19635 Mitchell Street

Maybury, 4410 Porter Street

Mumford, 17525 Wyoming Street

Murphy , 23901 Fenkell Street

Neinas, 6021 McMillan Street

Nichols Academy, 3020 Burns Street

Noble, 8646 Fullerton Street

Nolan Elementary/Middle, 1150 E. Lantz Street

Oakman, 12920 Wadsworth Street

Osborn, 11600 E. 7 Mile Road

Palmer Park Preparatory Academy, 3901 Margareta Street

Parker, 12744 Elmira Street

Pasteur, 19811 Stoepel Street

Pershing, 18875 Ryan Road

Phoenix Academy , 7735 Lane Street

Priest Elementary/Middle – Old Building Only, 7840 Wagner Street

Pulaski, 19725 Strasburg Street

Rutherford Academy, 16411 Curtis Street

Sampson Webber Academy, 4700 Tireman Street

Sherrill, 7300 Garden Street

Southwestern (including Earhart), 6921 W. Fort Street

Spain, 3700 Beaubien Street

Stewart, 13120 Wildemere Street

Thirkell, 7724 14th Street

Trix, 13700 Bringard Drive

Turning Point Academy, 12300 Linnhurst Street

Twain, Mark Academy at Boynton, 12800 Visger Street

Van Zile, 2915 E. Outer Drive

Vetal, 14200 Westwood Street

Vernor, 13726 Pembroke Avenue

Wayne, 10633 Courville Street

Webster (Western HS program), 1450 25th Street

Weststide Alternative HS, 4701 McKinley Avenue

White, 5161 Charles Street

Wilkins, 12400 Nashville Street

Adult Education Center – East, 13840 Lappin Street

Adult Education Center – West, 16164 Asbury Park

All other summer school programs will run as scheduled. 

Record temperatures have soared past 100 degrees in Metro Detroit, amidst a week-long heat wave. (More on this, here).

Stay with WWJ as the latest.

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  1. Billy Bob says:

    Closing a school for the heat is rediculous. I am from South Carolina and went to school in 95-100F weather with no AC. . We are rasing a generation of Whimps . What are they going to do iwhen they get in the real world. What do kiinds do in Africa or thailand, Vietnam where it is much hotter. I can answer that. They go to school and do not complain. But these little darlings are too fragile . Each generation becomes weaker. God help us if they have to be uncomfortable.

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