Local Specialist: More Rehab May Have Benefited Winehouse

DETROIT (WWJ) – Singer Amy Winehouse’s autopsy results are in, and they’re inconclusive.  Locally, Henry Ford’s Maplegrove Rehab Director Tom Ghena tells WWJ that she may have benefited from a few more attempts at rehab.

“Each attempt is an opportunity to take those steps to go in the right direction, I know many people … there is a friend who told me that it took him 26 attempts at rehab to get into recovery,” said Ghena.

Ghena says many young people like Winehouse, who are addicted, really need friends and family to hold them accountable through the entire intervention process.

  • BillW

    At $14K-$20k per shot, who but a star could afford twenty plus attempts at rehab?

    Fact is, AA has a less than 5% success rate (percentage of first timers who last a year, not saying they’re sober), and 95% of the rehabs base their “treatment” on a form of the 12 steps.

    You are just as likely to get sober with no rehab, and no AA than with.

  • Cheech Chong

    This singer died from drug abuse. But there are thousands of Mexicans being killed throughout a year to support America’s drug habit. Winehouse is just one more statistic to a growing pile of dead bodies that were searching for relief when alive. America’s addiction continues to murder its users, its suppliers and innocent people caught between.

    Get high on intelligent thinking, proper eating, working and living healthy. Stay alive and enjoy the gift given to you.

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