DETROIT (WWJ) – President Obama addresses the nation Monday night regarding the debt talks in Washington and it appears the two sides still have some distance to go to reach an agreement.

This comes as Republicans controlling the House have released a two-track plan to increase the nation’s borrowing cap by $1 trillion and permit a larger increase next year that’s dependent on Congress passing cuts to benefit programs like Medicare and farm subsidies.

The plan unveiled by House Speaker John Boehner would impose $1.2 trillion in cuts to domestic agencies over the coming decade and establish a special panel of lawmakers to recommend cuts to benefits programs for a vote by the end of December.

The broadcast was heard live on WWJ Newsradio 950 – click on the audio link below to hear the broadcast and the Republican reply.



Comments (2)
  1. ihatelbj says:

    The US military has the obligation to arrest/kill him.

  2. Marlyn Lovell says:

    I am offended. You said again that we the people probably don’t even know what a debt ceiling is. You bet we know what it is. We have debt ceilings of our own and we have budgets (which you don’t seem to think you have) which we have to keep. I believe you should cut spending and set a budget that you intend to keep. So far you only tell us that you are trying but I can’t see that you have any plan except to spend more and more and make us all pay for it. By the way I’m 75 years old, retired and certainly not well to do in any way but I know that your spending is costing me more already and will probably keep going up. Please help us all by cutting back.
    Thank you

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