DETROIT (WWJ) –  Detroit’s Police Chief says the climbing rate of murder and gun violence in the city is “troubling”.

According to a new report by Detroit Police, the murder rate in the city is up 15 percent from last year at this time, with more than 180 homicides as of July 10.

Talking to WWJ Newsradio 950’s Jayne Bower, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said he’s especially concerned about the increase in gun violence in the city.

“What’s troubling about that is the fact that, in some instances, it’s not narcotic-related, it’s not gang-related, but it’s simply adults or persons  that have had disputes. And when the last person doesn’t get the last word or the last punch, then someone results to going to get a gun to settle it,” Godbee said.

The Chief is holding the second in a series of Town Hall meetings, Tuesday evening, at which he will release major crime stats and discuss solutions.

“We have to have an involved community,” Godbee said. “Witnesses to crimes, people who know information but in times past have abided by a ‘no snitch’ code … and then apprising the community of what kind of anonymous crime reporting tools we have.”

Godbee said he hopes increased communication between police and the community will help to build trust, and help get dangerous criminals off the streets. 

Godbee invites residents to join him and other members of the Police Department to discuss the latest crime stats Tuesday, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at Fellowship Chapel on West Outer Drive.

Comments (8)
  1. Pamela says:

    To settle an argument with a gun is senseless. How may the dead comment on the dispute after being gunned down. De troit earned the name The Murder City many years ago for the same reason. I used to work in the city for many years. Now I hesitate going to Detroit because of the threat of violence. Detroit has character and many interesting places to visit. Put down the arms and learn to accept and enjoy life please. Thank you

  2. Bob says:

    Really? This is just random gun violence? While I’m sure it does happen, I’d like to see Godbee back up his anecdotal rhetoric with some facts. Why does the “in some cases” remark get so much attention? I would be the gang-related and drug-related factors to be 10:1, if not higher. Typical liberal garbage with no justification for generalizations or ownership of his own failures.

  3. Jim says:

    And what other reasons should employees of those 5 companies plus WSU and the hospitals have to move into the city? Money? That’s the bottom line of the killings in Detroit to begin with. Can you imagine what local knuckleheads would try when the find out a lot of working stiffs were moving into the ‘hood? Dey got stuffs we want, so we’s jus’ gonna steal it!

  4. A Native Detroiter says:

    The violence in America and the world is astounding. One can get a video game or go online with other gamers to play a “game” of shooting, killing, dismembering and other acts of aggression. This is a game. Our movies and there special effects also focus on the blood and gore of death. Our TV programs are saturated with autopsies and exposed viscera of the dead. Dead and death are entertainments in this American society. Now put this encouragement into the feeble minds of uneducated people. As we continue to pour money into less civil matters of life while making some aggressor capitalist more money don’t forget about the crime scene left on the streets of Detroit. Kindness just dosn’t sell in this post Detroit Auto era.

  5. HooDatIS? says:

    this is pathetic i dont understand why these people are killing each other
    it aint got to be like this

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