Accidents Plague I-94 Construction Zone

JACKSON (WWJ) – A stretch of I-94 in Jackson County has been the site of three major accidents in the last two days, one of them a fatality. The Michigan Department of Transportation has been busy in the area with a two-year renovation to nine miles of road, which has slowed traffic.

Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl has a word of warning for motorists: “When you’re coming into these zones, as with any construction zone or even driving, to pay attention, be aware of your surroundings and watch the vehicles ahead of you,” he said.

Kuhl said construction zones are clearly marked by MDOT.

“There’s warning signs, electronic billboards for miles and miles ahead, warning them that you’re coming into a construction zone, watch for traffic backups, be prepared to stop, lane shifts ahead,” he said.

“There’s all these markings and people sometimes don’t give them appropriate credence,” Kuhl said.

Kulhl said that although all three accidents aren’t linked, it’s clear that motorists need to slow down.

  • Crash McCar

    I step away for a day and I return to more mayhem on Michigan highways. What’s the problem Michiganders? Some of you can’t comprehend letters like “SPEED LIMIT 70” or 50 or 45 or 25. Can’t you see these letters and numbers? Or can’t you comprehend what they mean for you to do? Maybe you think you are above the laws of this state? Maybe that’s the problem, the laws of Michigan don’t apply to you. Here is yet another reason for people to leave this state for another one where its drivers exhibit courtesy and law abiding respect for posted speed limits.

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