Team President Tom Lewand Confirms The Release Of Follett From Detroit

A message posted on LB Zack Follett’s Twitter feed Tuesday was the first sign that Follett’s neck injuries will force him to leave the Detroit Lions. “Respect to Schwartz Mayhew Lewand didnt want to risk a life threatening injury after seeing my pain,” Follett wrote. “Someone had to make the tough decision!”

Follett hurt his neck last season against the New York Giants and was put on IR after the injury. Follett was praised by coach Schwartz after the first day of practice because of his hard work and ability to also play special teams.

Team President Tom Lewand confirmed the release of Follett and expressed his gratitude for what the player had contributed to the team. “(It’s) a credit to him that he worked as hard as he did during the offseason to be at a point where he could return to football. We made a decision that I think was in our best interest and I think probably in his best interest.” said Lewand.

The recent signings of Justin Durant and Stephen Tulloch were factors in the release of Follett.

Lewand continued saying, “We just felt like (releasing Follett) was, again, the right thing for us and the right thing for him.”

Comments (2)
  1. Coach says:

    The New York Thugs did this to Zack. If anyone remembers the New York Thugs were not playing football last year. Instead their hit squad was busy injuring a variety of opponent players, notably QBs. They were not playing a game and their defense should have been arrested, tried and convicted of A&B. Its one thing to be tough, strong and fast. Its another to be assaulted. Football needs a return to sport

  2. Deebo says:

    I love Z and hope he can continue on doing the things he likes to do. However, “Coach” you need to get over yourself. Nobody did this to him on purpose and I highly doubt anybody on the team would like to have seen this kid’s career cut short due to the neck injury.

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