DETROIT (WWJ) – This is the second court appearance this week for Kwame Kilpatrick’s attorney Daniel Haji.  This time he will be fighting against the state of Michigan which wants Kilpatrick to pay $119,000 dollars for his time in state prison.

Haji says that figure reflects how much Kilpatrick would have owed if he spent his entire stay in State custody.

He says because Kilpatrick was in a federal facility part of the time, the tab should be much lower somewhere around $12,000 dollars.

Haji was in court earlier looking to change a court order forcing Kilpatrick to use his book profits to pay his restitution to the city.

  1. Sick of Corruption says:

    That’s fine that he pay for his time in Michigan prison, now have the Reds go after him to pay for the time he was in Federal prison. And when your looking for all the
    crooked money he stole from Detroit and it’s taxpayers look to his thieving wife.

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