WASHINGTON TWP. (WWJ) – The Macomb County Sheriff’s office has been interviewing several teens who may be behind a car crash in Washington Township earlier this week.

A 19-year-old Imlay City woman remains hospitalized after being in the crash believed to be caused by a group of teens throwing rocks at passing cars.

Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says the young woman, along with the driver, were traveling on M-53, north of 26 Mile Road when the incident took place.

“He indicated to us that he saw a group of kids standing on the berm area of the freeway and it was apparent they were going to throw some rocks,” the Sheriff told WWJ Newsradio 950.

“He tried to take evasive action. The vehicle went sideways and a crash occurred in which his female passenger was injured and was sent to the hospital,” Wickersham said.

K-9 units tracked the teens to a nearby mobile home. No arrests have been made, but Sheriff Wickersham said the teens could face charges.

“This actually could have been a fatality. This is on the freeway where vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed,” said Wickersham. “Again, until we can get more into the suspects as we catch them and get into their mind and their thought of what they were thinking, this may have been just mischief in their eyes, it could’ve turned into a deadly situation.”

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  1. June Cleaver says:

    Spoiled rotten brats have become America’s latest terrorist group. These kids are raised without responsibility, courtesy, respect for others. They are lazy, stupid, pampered and selfish. They spend all their time mindlessly wandering around “with nothing to do”, fiddling with their electronic devices, stuffing their faces with food and getting fat.

    The problem here is poor parenting. America needs tougher adults raising their kids. Don’t have kids if you can’t rear them properly for decent conduct.

    1. June Cleaver again says:

      Come to think of it this review also describes America’s congressmen too

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