TAYLOR (WWJ) –  A group trying to repeal the smoking ban filled a small bar in Taylor Monday. Stating a 45-percent drop in liquor sales at the All Around Bar in Taylor, for example, where nearly half the staff is laid off, the rest taking voluntary pay cuts, and bar hours cut to Wednesday through Friday and a half day on Saturday.

Steve Mace with Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan, PPPRM, says that’s just some of the wreck that is the smoking Ban.

“Bar Club Keno sales are down over a hundred million dollars. So, that’s a hundred million less for schools, for social services,” said Mace.

Small bars have been hurt most says another supporter of repealing the smoking ban.

“Now we have the data and we need to go back and revisit this law,” said State Representative Doug Geiss, a Democrat from Taylor,.

Geiss says he’s working on a smoking ban revision if not a repeal, but says it’ll take a lot more than just him in Lansing to make a change.

Comments (13)
  1. Geiss Sucks says:

    Love how the guy at the bottom puts his baby on the ground to smoke over top of here. That’s how you spell loser.

  2. The Baker says:

    I’m all for getting this law changed. Businesses are going under. The State has lost money for education and other social services. Discrimination and segregation are now popular mentalities. It’s not helping our State at all!

    1. Dingo says:

      Yeah, it has nothing to do with the economy, all these ills are due to the smoking ban. All this time everyone has been harping on the economy and all we need to do is allow smoking and all will be well again. I’m so glad you people are around.

      1. The Baker says:

        The economy was tanked years before this law. What makes you so afraid to allow free market and choice?

  3. Mr. C says:

    The smoking ban is the best law our disfunctional lawmakers have passed in years. I’m all for it and any idiot that wants to repealed it is nuts. My wife and I only started going back to bars and restaurants because of the repeal.

  4. Jody says:

    Thousands of people are losing their jobs and the incomes of many other related fields are taking a huge reduction. Quite frankly, Mr. C, these people could give a damn if you ever showed up in a bar. We know your self-righteous type. Besides that, the ban wasn’t about people like you, it was passed under the guise of employee safety. Perhaps these unemployed people can go get a job in a coal mine, probably a much safer place to work. I hope the next idiot law passed affects your livelihood and steals your life savings. And Geiss sucks, The World Health Organization has shown that children exposed to 2nd hand smoke have a 22% lower chance of getting lung cancer.

  5. The Baker says:

    I bet if this law gets thrown out or adjusted so these businesses can (if they want) allow smoking that the industry sees a high rise in business. All those being denied a building to socialize in their zone of comfort will enjoy and celebrate and share the wealth!

    1. Dingo says:

      Save your bet, it won’t happen.

      1. The Baker says:

        It did in Nevada Dingo. It’s happening in other states. Laws are changing. You’ll adjust!

  6. Reaper says:

    No, you’ll adjust, and get over it and stop with the whining.

  7. Dingo says:

    Stop kidding yourself, the ban had nothing to do with the decline of business.

    Is it just ignorance that makes you believe this is about “free market and choice”? It is about health and not wanting to be exposed to your pollution. You decided to become addicted to a filthy habit, keep that habit to yourself.

  8. The Baker says:

    Feeling the love.

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